About The Instructors


Harrison County Tae Kwon Do School is owned and operated by Master Rick Haines, 6th degree B.B., and his wife, Trish. She does the book-keeping for the school.

The school was established on June 15th 1995. Mr. Haines began his study of TKD in 1990 and has continued his practice for over 24 years. He is the Nutrition and Wellness Coordinator/Site Manager at the Joe Rhoads Senior Center in Corydon IN, where he teaches Tai Chi for Arthritis. He is also a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Mr. Adam Haines (Mr. Rick & Trish Haines son) received his 2nd degree B.B. in 1998.
Lt.  Haines is a certified nurse. He's work in Hospital in San Diego, CA, and he's also developed an app called GoLog. 

 Mr. Brendon Umensetter, Mr. Rob Roy, Miss Adrienne Roy, & Mr. Kenny Roy, Mr. Trinity Skaggs, Mr. T.J. Smith are assistant instructors.  They are all great with children: their patience, fortitude, and integrity proves this.  These people are a great asset to our schools success.  

From left, Mr. Kenny Roy, Mr. Rob Roy, Miss Adrienne Roy, Mr. Justin Brown, Mr. Paul Brown
Master Rick Haines, Mr. Brendon Umensetter, and Tommy Umensetter
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