Our linage runs deep. In 1940 the Korean government named this art tae kwon do. And in 1942 the first school was opened that would teach the art form under its new name. This school, called Chung Do Kwan, was founded under the direction of Won Kuk Lee and is considered the true roots of modern-day tae kwon do. Deceased the great Grandmaster Won Kuk Lee was considered the father of Tae Kwon Do.

Grandmaster Young Sik Choi (the president of theTraditional Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwan Asso.) located in Louisville, KY, studied primarily with GM Hae Man Park and GM Woon Kyu Uhm but also met and/or trained with other famous Chung Do Kwan grandmasters such as Won Guk Lee, GM Duk Sung Son, GM Yong Taek Chung, and GM Tae Hi Nam. GM Choi’s main school is located in Louisville, Ky on Gilmore Lane. His service to the art and the community has been recognized by several civil groups. He established the T.T.C.A. on January 1, 1996.



Our black belts from left Mr.Kenny Roy 1st dan, Mr. Rob Roy
  3rd dan, Miss. Adrienne Roy 1st dan, Mr. Justin Brown 1st dan, Mr. Paul Brown 2nd dan, Master Rick Haines 6th dan, Mr. Brendon Umensetter 2nd dan, and Tommy Umensetter


Harrison County Tae Kwon Do School is located in Lanesville, IN next to Gresham Park.

The school was established on June 15, 1995 and will continue indefinitely.

Students have the availability of two, hour and a half classes a week. Monday and Thursday.

If they miss a class and would like to make up a class they may do so at either Ohio Valley TKD school in Milltown, IN or main school in Louisville, KY.

Beginners are encouraged to watch a class prior to making a decision to sign up, but may start at any time. Dues are paid on an individual basis and there are no contracts to sign.

Personal instruction is provided one on one with a higher ranking student for the first class and then slowly worked into the regular class setting.

We work together as a family at Harrison County Tae Kwon Do school and there are plenty of qualified big brothers and sisters to help them out.


From Corydon, stay on Hwy 62 east. Once in Lanesville turn left at the High school sign. Cross the bridge and take a right onto Meadowlark lane. (you will see a running track on the right) Meadowlark leads to the Tae Kwon Do School on the left. (Sign on bldg.)

From Louisville, KY: Take I-64 to Lanesville Exit # 113. Turn left at the stop sign at the end of ramp. Go about 2 miles, turn left on top of hill where sign says “Lanesville High School”). Follow this rd. to Meadowlark Lane on the left. Turn left and this rd. runs into the Harr. Co. Tae Kwon Do School.

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